What's your story?

What is your story? We all have one and yours matters.

Some of our stories haunt us each and every day by what we say to ourself ...'I'm stupid, useless no good' they can be so restricting.

Some we even 'forget' ourselves- 'nah it doesnt matter' 'I get on with my life, that was then' 'If I dont think about it then its ok' .

Some stories havent been told to a soul 'I cant trust you with this' 'Im so embarrassed' 'No one would believe me'.

Ive told my story. I doubt I will share the whole story on here because some of it is hard to share with the world, but I found a person who was willing to be patient with me as I shared it bit by bit. I found someone who didnt mind me going over the same dialogue until I could move on from that part. I found someone I could trust and that I knew was there for me. I found a counsellor who was impartial and unlike a friend or family member wasn't making judgements of me which would impair her view of me. She listened, she showed me she understood my pain and the weight that lifted was amazing. I began to see my future through different glasses. I was able to get things into perspective. I began to live again.

I want to encourage you to tell your story. But your story is precious and it should be handled with much care. Find someone who is safe to share it with. Counselling can be that safe place. Someone who is on your side, and wants the best for you. Contact me if I can be that safe person for you. What is your story? It does matter ! Bev x