Is it time to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones?


I often reflect that progress in counselling is like crossing stepping stones -it has to be done one step at a time. You can't jump from the first step of making that first move of getting help and support, to achieving your goal or desired outcome in one big leap.

I think this is the biggest surprise to my clients that by looking at one area of concern it can produce another area that you find needs attention along the way. You will also have to get to know your counsellor to form a 'working relationship' which is based on trust. You will have to know you can trust him or her and that they are working for your best interest.

So stepping stones.... They are normally spaced out with space inbetween each stone, that space I would suggest is where the magic happens- not real magic, there's no trickery! But space is what's needed for revelation to happen and for it to then bring transformation to the personal goals you want to achieve. Believe me when it happens it feels like magic! I have sat in both seats, and know what it feels like to be so proud of my client and their hard work and also for me to have personally experienced a huge shift in my thinking when I was a client which moved me on leaps and bounds. It is a special something that happens when there is movement onto the next 'stone'.

So how long will it take to get there?

I normally suggest a commitment of at least six sessions to my clients with the view that we can review and reflect on the progress and whether more sessions are needed after that. I have seen clients for 6-8 sessions and they have achieved enough to want to leave it there. I have also seen clients longer term for 18 months to 2 years. There is no comparing in counselling and you are always in control and can leave at any time.

This quote sums up how I feel about turns stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
"In the end, it all comes to choices to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones." Amber Frey

Are you ready for that first step?
Be brave. Be courageous. Because you are worth risking that uncomfortable feeling of making the first contact.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
B x